Safety is no accident

Safety Training

Safety is our top priority at Latigo. Each of our drivers undergo thorough training in all of the following categories:


Leadership & Safety Excellence

Hours of Service

Hours of service log book training

H2S Alive

Hydrigen Sulfide work environment certification

First Aid Certification

Critical life saving training for first responders


Construction Safety Training System


Workplace Hazerdous Materials Information System / Transportation of Dangerous Goods


Cube Safety Management System

As an extension of Latigo's culture of safety, we invested in implementing a safety data management system to help us track all of the actions required to ensure we continue to stay safe. Safety is no accident, and demands a trenmendous amount of thought and accountability to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Managing all of our, tickets, trainings, observed behaviours, and action items in one location has helped propel our safety program to the next level.

Safety Memberships