Who We Are

Safely Trucking Since 1982

Latigo trucking has proudly served the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin since 1982. Latigo has pushed the boundaries on service, quality and safety. Latigo has built its reputation by providing a safe and efficient method of hauling oilfield equipment through extensive training and well maintained equipment. Latigo works hard to be the number one choice for all oilfield transportation needs by providing a safe and effective work environment.

Core Values

These six values are at the core of everything we do at Latigo, and serve as the guiding principles on which we make all our decisions.


Working safe because we want to.


An honest day’s work for an honest day’s dollar.


Treating everyone as our most important customer.


Doing the job right the first time, all the time.


Never a corner worth cutting.


Where we work is where we live and play.